Family Participation Program

Philosophy: The participation of families in the life of the school increases student achievement and creates a community where learning and faith-formation can thrive.

At St. Ignatius Catholic School, the growth of our students is a cooperative and collaborative effort by and among families, the school community and the church.  Research shows that parental involvement is one of the top indicators of student success. In this vein, we ask the parents of our community to share their gifts and talents. We require that each family contribute at least 25 hours of assistance per year to school sponsored events and activities, including involvement in at least one fund raising event.

We hope that we can make this experience rewarding for both your family and our community, and we seek to understand the unique gifts, talents and interests of each family to best match those abilities with the needs of our community.

These hours of assistance are truly appreciated, and are essential in order for our school to reach its highest potential! As you know, the cost to educate a child at St. Ignatius is HIGHER than the collected tuition. The Family Participation Program is one of the ways we are able to keep tuition lower- because we involve the gifts and talents of the community in place of dollars spent. They are also a great way to grow stronger as a community. Most importantly, they are a critical means of modeling stewardship for your children and for showing your child your commitment to their education and growth!