Mission and Philosophy


St. Ignatius is a Christ-centered Catholic school committed to the Ignatian traditions of academic excellence and teaching students to live their Catholic faith through service and the promotion of justice. Our community - school, families, parish - seeks to inspire students to reach their potential, to act with initiative and integrity, and to engage the world as a place where God can be found in all things.


In striving to achieve its mission, St. Ignatius Catholic School is focused on four specific areas:


St. Ignatius Catholic School is in line with Ignatian spirituality and offers an exemplary Christ-centered Catholic educational program that focuses on the education and development of the whole child. The total formation of each student includes intellectual, emotional, physical, moral, and sacramental/spiritual growth. The faculty and staff at St. Ignatius strive to develop each student’s full potential by seeking to understand their talents, abilities, and needs. Students are granted the opportunity to excel through rigorous content and instruction.


St. Ignatius Catholic School, which is a primary ministry of Holy Apostles Parish, is focused on educating students within the tenets of Ignatian spirituality. This includes acknowledgement of our Catholic identity and responsibility as members of a local and global human community, one which recognizes common objectives despite national, racial, cultural, ethnic, and ecological differences. St. Ignatius invites the entire Holy Apostles community to be involved with the school, to feel welcome at school events, and appreciated for their support of all students.


According to Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the primary objective of Jesuit education must be to develop people whose conception of God is formed by showing love to all, including the least of their neighbors. St. Ignatius himself stated, “Love ought to show itself in deeds rather than words”. Accordingly, St. Ignatius Catholic School is committed to forming students and the school community who make concrete actions of love and service a priority in everyday life, and who see the importance in discovering the work that Christ calls each one of them to do.

Social Justice

Out of love for and dedicated service to others comes the call to action and commitment to social change that brings a more just society. St. Ignatius Catholic School strives to challenge students to use their knowledge to confront the structures of our world that perpetuate poverty and injustice. This approach is deeply rooted in Ignatian spirituality, which seeks to find God in all things.