Student Accommodation Services

An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic Schools”

~Pope Francis

Philosophy of St. Ignatius Student Accommodation Plans and Special Services: Every family who wants a Catholic education for their child should be able to receive it. St. Ignatius Catholic school recognizes that inclusive education benefits the entire community. As part of our commitment to Cura Personalis, St. Ignatius Catholic School strives to meet the needs of every individual child and recognize that each has her own unique gifts and strengths to contribute to the school community and the world.

In keeping with our Christian values, we strive to make St. Ignatius School accessible to every student that wishes to attend. While we recognize that we cannot meet all the needs of every child, and we are unable to offer the full extent of services provided by public institutions, we are committed to working with our families to provide as much accommodation to our students with needs as reasonably possible. With the collaboration of school counselor, principal, teachers and the family, we will make a working service plan to provide as many services as we can for students who need additional accommodations, and we will collaborate with families about additional resources for those services that we are unable to provide.